Finding Carter Cemetery in Levy County

Carter Cemetery
Carter Cemetery

In Levy county near the old town of Levyville I found this old cemetery from the 1800’s known as Carter Cemetery. I found it back in a wooded area near Levyville Cemetery. The area is vast and who knows what other history could be discovered out there. But on this day I mainly was there to find the cemetery.

I followed some forest roads until I found a small fence where you could see some of the tombstones towering above the brush that has over taken much of the site. I went in to look around and to get an idea of who was buried there and look at the dates. Luckily most of the tombstones you can read the names and dates still. The dates range from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.  I also searched around the cemetery to see if I could find any remains of a homestead or even a church. A lot of the old cemeteries I see were either established near an homestead or a church. I didn’t see anything really in the direct area although on the way back I found some pieces of fencing and metal scattered in the woods. You never know it may have been related to the time of the cemetery but hard to really know until I can explore the area more.

After I got done looking around I proceeded to hike out the way I came in when I walked by a group of hunters at a camp they had set up. They looked over and asked why I was back there and I explained that I was searching for the cemetery. I learned that the land is leased to these hunters and they just so happen to be out there when I was passing by. They were really nice though and we even got to talk a little about some of the history there. After a few minutes of chatting we went our separate ways and I came away with more questions than answers regarding the cemetery but really enjoyed the experience of finding it. Be sure to check out my videos below for a really good look at the place.

My Videos

Finding Carter Cemetery

Carter Cemetery


Florida’s Lost and Abandoned Graveyards

Carter Cemetery
Carter Cemetery

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