Rutland Cemetery in Sumter County


Rutland Cemetery

In Sumter County is an old cemetery from the 1800’s known as Rutland Cemetery. I have driven by it many times on my way in to hike at Half Moon Wildlife Management Area but never took the time to see it. This time I decided to finally go inside and check it out. I am really glad that I did because it is a really neat cemetery!

There is a concrete wall towards the back where I could see most of the tombstones were inside of. I also noticed that there were a few tombstones placed outside of the wall as well. It is my understanding that people buried outside the walls were typically suicides. They wanted them close by, but they couldn’t be buried on “sacred ground”. Whether or not this is true or not I am not sure of though. But something I have heard from other people.

I really enjoyed exploring around this place and seeing the old graves. I haven’t found a whole lot on the history here but would like to find out more so I am continuing to research the cemetery. So far I have more questions than answers…

My Video

Rutland Cemetery


Rutland Cemetery

Rutland Cemetery

Rutland Cemetery

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