Oriole Mines in Withlacoochee State Forest

Oriole Mines

Oriole Mines

In The Withlacoochee State Forest there is an old townsite called “Oriole”. It was a small town with a population of around 100 people or so that was established in the early 1880’s. The town itself was short-lived and only lasted until the late 1800’s and isn’t that far from the old townsite of Croom. Another nearby ghost town that died out around the same time.

On a hike out here I found what looks to be an old mine in the woods. I managed to find the old tram road where you can see the surrounding areas had been dug up. These are known as The Oriole Mines and were managed by the Oriole Mining Company. I believe they would mine phosphate up until around 1915 which would’ve been after the town was gone. Initially I set out not knowing what I would find and little did I know I would discover yet another connection to history on this old town.

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Oriole Mines

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Oriole Mines

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