Gravesite of Thomas C. Fillyaw in Ocala National Forest

Gravesite of Thomas C. Fillyaw

Gravesite of Thomas C. Fillyaw

I like to visit this site from time to time and check in on the area, It is also a very beautiful and peaceful place that I enjoy a lot. This is known as the Thomas C. Fillyaw gravesite in Ocala National Forest. He was a Confederate Soldier and ran the nearby steamboat landing after the Civil War. This is what I found so far from some records – (Thomas C. Fillyaw, CPL 10th Btn GA Inf CSA May 1830-Dec. 8, 1873 Buried here by his son T.T. Fillyaw).

I remember first discovering it I had been searching for quite sometime. It is hidden in the woods along the Ocklawaha River so I didn’t expect it to be as maintained as it was when I found it.

After posting photos and videos I got a letter from one of the family members. I was really pleased to receive more history about the place. It turns out that some of the relatives still make the trip out here when possible to keep the site maintained. I am sure the forestry service helps out as well. I posted some of what was sent to me. If you do happen to find this site you will enjoy learning about the history of the area along the way just please be respectful.

“My father placed the barrier around the grave to keep the dirt bikes off of it. My family has visited for many years and I have many fond memories of the project my dad undertook in building and installing the barrier. The story I was told is that Thomas was wounded in the war and never fully recovered. His wife was an Indian from some non local tribe and she was killed by local indians for being from the wrong tribe. Not sure how true the story is as I have found no way to confirm but that is what my family always said. I don’t have a picture of Thomas Cassidy but I do have a picture of Thomas Tillman Fillyaw (my great-grandfather) who buried him there. Thomas Tillman’s wife was the daughter of another confederate soldier who was killed in the war and I have the actual letters he sent home to his wife including his death notice. They are heart breaking and a testament to the stupidity of war and the tragic loses inflicted on regular people. Thank you for reminding me of a bit of my history.”

My Video

Gravesite of Thomas C. Fillyaw in Ocala National Forest


Davenport Landing Trail

Florida Hikes! Davenport Landing Trail

Marker on Barrier

Marker on Barrier



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