Finding The Old Grove Park African-American Cemetery in Alachua County

Gravesite in The Woods
Gravesite in The Woods

I have been trying to find the location of this African-American cemetery located in the old community of Grove Park in Alachua County. I finally found the cemetery after a couple of attempts in the woods by Phifer Flatwoods Preserve not far from The Hawthorne Trail. I only could see one tombstone with the name of Odum on it. This site is also known as Odum Grave so that was a good indicator that I had found the right location.

The area is by an overgrown path which I think may have been an old road at one time that runs along a creek. Back in the creek bed I found old bricks and even a Herty cup. Clearly this area is rich in history though much of it is hidden in the woods just like this gravesite. The creek leads up to the Hawthorne Trail which is a paved trail but at one time was a railroad line. There are several small communities along this old railroad line including Grove Park.

I haven’t been able to find much history on this gravesite but I am still researching it.  I posted a link below that gives a lot of historical information on Alachua County. I have barely scraped the surface of what history can be found in these areas so I am looking forward to exploring here more. My next adventure I think will be tracking down some turpentine sites that may be in and around Phifer Flatwoods Preserve as well.

My Videos

Grove Park African-American Cemetery 1

Grove Park African-American Cemetery 2


Alachua County History

Hawthorne Trail

Phifer Flatwoods Trail Map

My Route


Odum Grave
Odum Grave
Forest Road to Cemetery
Forest Road to Cemetery

4 Comments on “Finding The Old Grove Park African-American Cemetery in Alachua County

  1. Great find! Since it is near the bike trail, it would be A great area for a kiosk, and a trail, for the bikers to explore and learn a little more about eastern Alachua County history.


  2. My house is the west-most residence along the bike path in Grove Park, not far from Little Lachloosa Creek. It’s clear people have lived here for a long time. The oldest thing I’ve found that I can begin to date is a whiskey jug made by Herman Bernhardt of Buffalo NY . . . seems to be low grade ceramics, definitely pre-prohibition. There are bricks scattered all over . . . some of them very crudely made. A few stamped. I wish I could find out more about the early African-American settlement in this area. I walk in the woods quite a bit. Will look for that gravesite. Can you give some indication of where it is, say, in relation to the Swamp Trail?


  3. Am moving to the area by the end of the year. Would love to join the search.


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