Exploring Centralia Ghost Town in Hernando County

Centralia Sawmill Ruins

Centralia Sawmill Ruins

Centralia was a booming lumber town back in the early 1900’s located in Hernando County. The town formed in 1910 and lasted until around 1922 and had one of the largest sawmills in the south. There was a commissary that sold all kinds of goods. There was a boarding house, the Centralia Hotel, a restaraunt, drug store, church, school and even a movie house. The sawmill could turn out 100,000 board of feet a day. The timber didn’t last long though and after all the trees were cut the town was abandoned around 1917.

Today not much is left from the old town but foundations from the sawmill and the old roads that are now all overgrown. I found the old railroad spur that ran by the town and that was interesting to follow. Along those areas I found old bricks and railroad spikes. It is a fascinating place to learn about and hopefully the site will remain undisturbed as so many of these places around Florida seemed to have vanished completely.

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Centralia Early History

Centralia Ghost Towns of Florida


Centralia Sawmill Ruins


Sawmill Ruins


Sawmill Ruins



Old Cypress Tree in Float Pond


Old Float Pond


Sawmill Ruins


Sawmill Ruins


Building Ruins at Sawmill


One thought on “Exploring Centralia Ghost Town in Hernando County

  1. Do you live near Hernando just wondering cause I’ve never seen the ghost town of centraila and would like to meet up with someone that might want to give a tour I grew up in springhill and I think it would be awesome to see it

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