Old Pennsylvania Club Ruins at Seminole Ranch Conservation Area

Exploring at Seminole Ranch Conservation Area I discovered some interesting ruins that were once part of the Pennsylvania Club in the early 1900’s. It was an old hotel and clubhouse that is all I know so far from a publication that I found from 1914. Near Ellis Lake behind the site was a park known as clubhouse park, the path lead to a dock. Many of the old roads that were used are overgrown paths today and it is neat to wander around them and imagine the past. I came across some foundations, mostly concrete pillars and many of them. These were used to support the structure, it was a large building so there were a lot of pillars to support the structure. I could see where the fireplace used to be and some old bricks as well. The building is gone but these foundations are a reminder of the history here. I enjoyed seeing them and learning what I can about the place. I liked following the paths down towards Ellis Lake it is very scenic throughout the area. I looked for the pilings from the old dock down there but didn’t see them this time.


Pennslyvania Club 1914


Club House Park 1914

Another bonus was seeing a Bald Eagle nest on one of the trails, it has been there for generations. I could hear a lot of wildlife in the forest and the wilderness is alive here and it was an amazing experience to explore it. I look forward to returning for more adventures in the future.

My Videos

Old Pennsylvania Club Ruins at Seminole Ranch Conservation Area

Exploring by Ellis Lake at Seminole Ranch Conservation Area

Bald Eagle Nest at Seminole Ranch Conservation Area


Seminole Ranch Conservation Area

Out In The Boonies – Seminole Ranch Conservation Area

Seminole Ranch Conservation Area

Indian River Section 1914 Publication


5 thoughts on “Old Pennsylvania Club Ruins at Seminole Ranch Conservation Area

  1. Hi-Enjoyed the video on the Pennsylvania Club House ‘home’ to the financial backers of the Southmere Farms & Fruit Company, circa 1912-1925. Doing research on the company and I would appreciate any information or photos. Thank you.


  2. “Aunt” Thelma worked in the kitchen “during the season”, she told me a few stories. She was a cook. My great grandma was the unofficial bus driver, horse pulled wagon. She took her 2 children to school and picked up others along the way. The only name I remember is the Patchen family. I know about where they lived, there is a small cemetery on their property and one of my great aunts who died from a spider bite as a child was buried “on the Patchen place”. They were investors in the club.


    • Rebecca-I am doing research on Southmere and would appreciate any / all stories, photos, or memories of the operation. The majority of the investors came from the area where I live so I have an link to the many investors. I look forward to hearing from you again-soon I hope? Thank you so much for sharing what you have posted. Ron


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