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Featured on “Out There” Bay News 9/Brighthouse Sports Network

Link to Video of “Out There”

Visit Florida – Off The Beaten Path Article by Gary McKechnie

Featured in Rails-to-Trails Five Top Florida Hikes for History Article

Featured on Florida Adventurer Blog – A Hike through Torreya State Park 

Featured in Hernando County Sun: History Hikers

Featured in Hernando County Sun: Unveiling the Layers of Oriole Ghost Town

Contributor and mentioned in publication – Hernando Epitaphs: Cemeteries and Memorials of Hernando County Florida

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    Hi…I have a couple questions. I’m always looking for a new private spot to mullet fish the old fashioned way (not a castnet…fishing pole in freshwater in the warmer months). Did you see any mullet at either Hampton Springs or Ellaville (Suwanee River in Madison), particularly around the old structures?

    Also I saw that you’re a fan of old cemeteries. We have 1 on our private property that I have kept mowed and occasionally done heavier work in when it backs up such as tree removal (the outside trees roots are cracking the walls). Somebody came out a year or so ago and said not to touch it anymore so it would look appropriate to get the grant she was seeing about getting to clean it up and do some more work that was out of my league such as grave repairs which are badly needed. Well, all that did was leave me with a jungle to mow and 2 fallen trees which I finally cleaned up recently. If you have ANY stroke whatsoever please let whoever you need to know, know about our cemetery. I can give you more information if you get back to me I guess.

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