Abandoned Girl Scout Camp in Withlacoochee State Forest (Camp Withlacoochee)

Camp Withlacoochee-Withlacoochee Wilderness Camp6

Withlacoochee Wilderness Camp-Camp Withlacoochee

I always enjoy exploring in Withlacoochee State Forest, there is a lot of amazing nature to experience and some interesting history to discover along the way as well. On this adventure I took a journey to an area that used to be a a Girl Scout camp during the 1960’s. It may not sound that interesting but they just don’t make like camps like this anymore, at least not here in this forest. There are some neat structures still standing including some old treehouses that were used as campsites during that time. Although they aren’t in the best of condition it may not be much longer before they collapse and are gone forever. So it is one of the reasons I take pride in exploring and documenting these places so that the history lives on for future generations to learn about. There aren’t any main trails that lead to the site but I did find some old paths around the area that must’ve been used during that time. The site borders the Withlacoochee River so access would’ve been by foot or by boat. It is definitely a place that is off the beaten path…

Camp Withlacoochee

Withlacoochee Wilderness Camp-Camp Withlacoochee Article

The Suncoast Council in the 1960’s established this campsite deep within the Withlacoochee State Forest. It was called “Camp Withlacoochee” or “Withlacoochee Wilderness Camp” and was built on 72 acres. Girl Scouts from Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando Counties utilized the camp throughout the 1960’s to the 1980’s. Valuable life lessons and outdoor skills were taught at the camp.

I produced a video during my exploration and I dedicate that and this post to those who camped and enjoyed the wilderness here over the years. Many memories were made here and I have heard received messages from some of the folks who camped here and they all really cherished this place. It’s sad that this place is abandoned and no longer in use because if it was fixed up I am sure that many new generations of scouts would really enjoy it and this wilderness area!

Do you have a story or childhood memory from staying at this camp or possibly some old photos? If you would like to share about it please feel free to contact me at floridatrailblazer@gmail.com or post about it on my Florida Trailblazer Facebook Group or Page. Below is my video and some photos from my exploration, thank you and enjoy!


Abandoned Girl Scout Camp in Withlacoochee State Forest


Withlacoochee State Forest

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