Month: February 2017

Turpentine Camp at Richloam Wildlife Management Area

Exploring in this area of Withlacoochee State Forest near Lacoochee I may have found remains from an old turpentine camp. Around the area were herty cups both clay and metal ones. Along with some bricks, barrel rings and other evidence from the past. This… Continue Reading “Turpentine Camp at Richloam Wildlife Management Area”

Exploring Indian Mounds at Little Big Econ State Forest

I have been exploring┬ásome of the mounds near the St. Johns River at Little Big Econ State Forest. The Timuca Indians lived and hunted here and evidence can still be seen from their activities. They would use these mounds to discard shells, pottery and… Continue Reading “Exploring Indian Mounds at Little Big Econ State Forest”

Jeremiah Milton Brewer Gravesite in Ocala National Forest

This is an interesting gravesite I found in Ocala National Forest, a man name Jeremiah M. Brewer is buried here. He lived from 1844 to 1877, some of the history I found on him describes him serving in the Civil War as a Union… Continue Reading “Jeremiah Milton Brewer Gravesite in Ocala National Forest”