Jeremiah Milton Brewer Gravesite in Ocala National Forest


This is an interesting gravesite I found in Ocala National Forest, a man name Jeremiah M. Brewer is buried here. He lived from 1844 to 1877, some of the history I found on him describes him serving in the Civil War as a Union Soldier. I find it interesting that there are both Confederate and Union Soldiers buried in this forest. As I approached the site which sits in the middle of the woods you can’t help but feel a sense of mystery here. Why was he buried here? Did he have a homestead or family nearby? So many questions come to mind. It is part of what drives me to explore the history. I try to imagine what the area looked like back then and you begin to put yourself in that moment. It is easy to get lost in the history out here but I rather enjoy it…

Here is some information I was able to find: The records indicate that he died in Paisley Florida which was established sometime in the late 1800’s. He was born in Clinton County, Ohio. He was the son of Jeremiah and Ann Matthews Brewer. Brother of Isaiah, Josiah, William B., and Mary Jane. This Jeremiah is listed in the 1870 Census in Greene Township, Clinton County, Ohio, Post Office: Sabina as a Druggist. Jeremiah served in Company D, Ohio 188th Infantry Regiment during 1865 and was mustered out in Nashville, TN on September 21, 1865. The property this grave is located on changed hands several times in the 1880’s until the United States Forest Service purchased it. Prior to 1882, the land cannot be found to have been claimed by any one person.

The grave seems to be maintained to some degree perhaps by the forest service or surviving family members could also help take care of it. I enjoy visiting the site and learning what I can about the history. It is very peaceful here in the woods and a nice resting place. Hopefully the grave remains undisturbed and can be a reminder of history for those who pass by.

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Jeremiah M. Brewer Gravesite in Ocala National Forest


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Ocala National Forest


11 thoughts on “Jeremiah Milton Brewer Gravesite in Ocala National Forest

  1. There is a burial ground in Chepachet Rhode Island in the woods on Tourtellot Hill Road. If you walk in the woods behind the houses on the lower end and walk up the hill in the woods you will find where all the Tourtellots are buried. Really old graves I walked back there once with my kids.


  2. I have been visiting that gravesite since I discovered it in 1978. It’s a shame to tell you that there was a footstone there originally, that has since been stolen. That is when the fence was erected in an effort to preserve the site. I live in Paisley and have watched the slow but sure destruction of the vegetation surrounding this site, by both locals and the USFS. I doubt it will still be there in 25 years.


    • I know how you feel and I am sure down the road as I return to some sites they will not the be the same as they once were. It bothers me how some can’t just respect the sites and leave them as they are. I wish the forestry did more to protect some of these places. I noticed ATV’s can ride right by it which increases the traffic to the area. I enjoy sharing about these places for others to learn about but then at the same time I don’t want those who would do harm using my posts for that. Thanks for you’re insight and I hope this can at least bring back good memories for you being out there. I’ll do my best to help preserve it for future generations.

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  4. I live out in paisley. I visited the grave again today for my third time. Also visited the long family on the yearling trail. It upsetted me so much to see Jeremiah’s grave neglected, I feel a sort of connection to him.. I can’t explain it. I feel saddened as if he is lonely and not taken care of. Next weekend, I am going to go and clean around his grave. He needs a new fence but I am unable to do that for him.


  5. I am planning to move to C. FL in a couple of years. I would be glad to do a little work around it if I’m able. I would even give a new fence a shot.


  6. My father used to take me and my brother out here as kids and until about 22 years old when something reminded me of this odd experience that happened almost twice a week sometimes I didn’t know it was even a real place I almost thought I’d had imagined it but my dad would park the freakin truck turn it off and TaLk to Mr Jeremiah even reprimanded us for interrupting I can’t tell you if I remember a man standing at the truck driver side door talking back to my father or not … but what I can tell you is it’s highly unlikely my father would waste his time talking to the air, he has low patience as is.. I want to go out there with my boyfriend and see if Mr ole Jeremiah remembers me too. RIP


  7. Was there last weekend and someone had glued little rubber toys (think happy meal prizes) to the top of the gravestone. Seemed odd and now I see from online pictures, perhaps pretty recent?


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