Old Cattle Vats at Lake Wales Ridge State Forest


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I have always enjoyed exploring at Lake Wales Ridge State Forest, located in central Florida along what is known as the Lake Wales Ridge or Mid-Florida Ridge. Over a million years ago Florida was covered by ocean except for this part of Florida, this area was once part of ancient island chain. You may not ever think that being that this is in the middle of Florida.

I have been enjoying learning about the history here as well, in the early 1900’s some areas here were used for cattle ranching. Some of the evidence from the past there are these cattle vats. The cattle would be loaded into the dipping vats which was filled with an arsenic solution to help eradicate the cattle fever tick. This method was practiced from around 1910 up until the 1950’s. It wasn’t very safe for the environment since the arsenic can contaminate the soil around the vat. Perhaps that wasn’t known at the time? Today most of these vats are covered up or removed but it is always nice to see these reminders of history. Around the area old fencing could be seen, you can get a sense of the past there and what it must have been like at one time.

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Old Cattle Vat at Lake Wales Ridge State Forest

Old Cattle Vat in Lake Wales Ridge State Forest


Lake Wales Ridge State Forest

Lake Wales Ridge State Forest (Out in The Boonies)


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