Lone Gravesite at Andrews Wildlife Management Area

I have always enjoyed the scenic wilderness along this part of the Suwannee River at Andrews Wildlife Management Area. There are many trails and recreational opportunities here.┬áSome of the history includes logging and agricultural uses going back to the 1800’s,┬áthe land was purchased by the Andrews family in 1945, they managed the land for outdoorContinue reading “Lone Gravesite at Andrews Wildlife Management Area”

Orleans Ghost Town in Citrus County

Orleans was one of the many ghost towns that existed in Citrus County back in the late 1800’s. It was a small community with maybe a population of around 100 or so. It was settled in 1885 but didn’t last very much longer after that. The town may have began to fade after the greatContinue reading “Orleans Ghost Town in Citrus County”

Video Diary: Indian Mounds by The Withlacoochee River

On this hike I set out to find and explore more Indian Mounds along the Withlacoochee River. I had been studying some history on the Cove of The Withlacoochee and has since inspired me to uncover as much as I can in the area. On a previous trip I had found a burial mound thatContinue reading “Video Diary: Indian Mounds by The Withlacoochee River”