Category: Old Trees

The Goethe Giant at Goethe State Forest

One of my favorite areas at Goethe State Forest is where an old cypress tree still stands known as Goethe Giant. There is a trail and boardwalk that leads you to this majestic tree that is estimated to be over 900 years old. During… Continue Reading “The Goethe Giant at Goethe State Forest”

Video Diary: Champion Oak Tree at Devils Hammock Wildlife Management Area

I explored this area recently known as Devils Hammock Wildlife Management Area located in Levy County. I had been here several years ago but never got the chance to really look around like I wanted to. So I took my video camera and geared… Continue Reading “Video Diary: Champion Oak Tree at Devils Hammock Wildlife Management Area”

Ancient Cypress Trees at Spring Hammock Preserve

Long ago Florida was covered with ancient and giant cypress trees dating back thousands of years.¬†Cypress has natural built in preservatives or oils that make cypress long lasting and resistant to water and insect damage. So these trees can stand the test of time,… Continue Reading “Ancient Cypress Trees at Spring Hammock Preserve”

Old Cypress Tree in The Green Swamp

This is an old Cypress Tree I saw while exploring in this area of The Green Swamp close to the Withlacoochee River. I am not sure how old this is but it seems to have been here for a very long time. The inside… Continue Reading “Old Cypress Tree in The Green Swamp”