Video Diary: Hike to Bailey Mine in Levy County

This is a video I put together from an area known as the Watermelon Pond Tract in Levy County. It is actually a section of Goethe State Forest but just not connected to the main part. There is a trailhead that can be found near the town of Archer known as Bailey Mine Trailhead. IfContinue reading “Video Diary: Hike to Bailey Mine in Levy County”

Tishler Indian Mound in Ocala National Forest

Ocala National Forest is a scenic place to explore but also a place of rich history. Dating back around 11,000 years ago and through the first European colonization of the New World, several waves of cultures lived along the St. Johns River and along the lakes in is what is now the Ocala National Forest. The wordContinue reading “Tishler Indian Mound in Ocala National Forest”

Pershing Highway in Tiger Bay State Forest (Interpretive Trail)

There is some interesting history in this part of Tiger Bay State Forest located in Volusia County known as the old Pershing Highway. It was a brick road constructed in the early 1900’s and was the first highway to connect DeLand to Daytona Beach. The road was abandoned in the late 1940’s once the modernContinue reading “Pershing Highway in Tiger Bay State Forest (Interpretive Trail)”