Roadside History: Pershing Highway in Tiger Bay State Forest


Pershing Highway

Part of the Pershing Highway can be found in Tiger Bay State Forest. This historical road was built in 1917 and was the first highway to connect DeLand to Daytona Beach. It was used up until Hwy 92 opened , the road became abandoned in 1947.

If you are passing by this area it’s a nice little stop off where you can experience a little bit of history. You can drive on parts of the road in this section, plus there are some nice areas to explore in the forest as well.

As you pull off the now busy highway into the forest it’s hard to imagine that this one lane brick road was once the main highway through here. You can access the road from several points along US Hwy 92 along where it cuts through the forest.

My Video

The Pershing Highway


Volusia County Roads and History

Out in The Boonies: Tiger Bay State Forest

Tiger Bay State Forest



Pershing Highway

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