About Florida Trailblazer

Florida Trailblazer (Joe Dunn)
Florida Trailblazer (Joe Dunn)

I have long enjoyed the history, geography, ecosystems and wildlife that make Florida such a wonderful state for outdoor exploration. 

I have a strong passion for Florida history and the wilderness. So I began Florida Trailblazer to share about what I  experience in the wilderness and help educate others about these places and the history behind them.

Florida has a rich and unique past. Besides enjoying the nature, I like to learn and share about the historical places that I find. Places like cemeteries and old homesteads, ghost towns and Indian mounds along with so much more.

Exploring the history and wilderness of Florida, Florida Trailblazer.

You can follow my adventures here on this blog and also on these sites YouTube, Instagram and Twitter

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Featured on “Out There” Bay News 9/Brighthouse Sports Network

Link to Video of “Out There”

Visit Florida – Off The Beaten Path Article by Gary McKechnie

Featured in Rails-to-Trails Five Top Florida Hikes for History Article

Featured on Florida Adventurer Blog – A Hike through Torreya State Park 

Featured in Hernando County Sun: History Hikers

Featured in Hernando County Sun: Unveiling the Layers of Oriole Ghost Town

Contributor and mentioned in publication – Hernando Epitaphs: Cemeteries and Memorials of Hernando County Florida




5 Comments on “About Florida Trailblazer

  1. Hey there trailblazer,
    I stumbled across your website while reminiscing about the Bellamy trail. I grew up on it. I moved ther as an 8 year old in 1978 near flora home Florida and the new Etoniah protected area. Hard to recognize the area now. All of my family has left the area after my grandmother passed away. I walked and road dirt bikes all of the roads around there and rambled through the woods every day. I lived on Indian trails. My uncle cut that road in the early 70’s. There were old homesteads there at that time that still stood for the most part. I am still amazed that as wild as that area was then, people had lived there a hundred years before.
    Fox squirrels, quail, gopher turtles and cane break rattlers were the big events of the day. Note that terrantulas live there as well as the big cat. Panthers. At that time the bardin booger was big news not far from me, and the local Lee Quick, who we bought hay from only fed the fire with that one. It was hotter than hell, and everything was out to sting you or bite you. Scorpions, velvet ants, and stinging nettles were the enemy.
    Anyway, I was happy to see someone interested in Florida history. It is very deep and interesting. The settler there, I think, were harder than most. Good luck and have fun.

    Mike Brannon

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  2. Glad I found you thank you for such informative and interesting videos of Florida’s last and present


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