Video Diary: Indian Mounds by The Withlacoochee River


Shell Midden

On this hike I set out to find and explore more Indian Mounds along the Withlacoochee River. I had been studying some history on the Cove of The Withlacoochee and has since inspired me to uncover as much as I can in the area. On a previous trip I had found a burial mound that could date back to the 1500’s when the Hernando DeSoto and the Spanish were exploring these areas. In a way I have been tracing their steps.

On this quest I attempted to explore further up river where some shell middens are and I managed to track them down. These mounds were built up over many years from natives discarding shells, bones, pottery and other debris. I would imagine they were places of higher ground along the swamps as well. Many would have villages nearby so there are a lot of layers of history behind these places.

Exploring the mounds I could see the shells embedded and even some pottery fragments scattered in some areas. Of course leaving everything as I see it… I noticed the various shapes and sizes of these mounds. Surely they were much larger at one time but it is still amazing to see how big some of them still are today. Overall it is just rewarding to be in the presence of such history.

After roaming around and seeing what mounds I could on this trip I left with more enthusiasm to see what else I can uncover in these places. So I am looking forward to the adventure! Check out my video links below to get a glimpse of the history.

Indian Mounds by The Withlacoochee River

Indian Mound in The Cove of Withlacoochee

3 thoughts on “Video Diary: Indian Mounds by The Withlacoochee River

  1. I own a 28 ac parcel along the withlacoochee river near dunnellon and there is remains of an old fish camp /hotel on the property. Can you tell me anything about it? It was once part of the Cubbage family parcel called Rainbow River Ranch. Ive heard stories from locals who visited in the 50s and 60s. I would like to know more. Judging from chimney construction I would say it was build in late 1800s to early 1900s


  2. A few years ago Pruitt ranch hands were harvesting melons about a half mile up river and an old indian skull emerged. UF archeoligists roped it off and did a dig. Never heard more about it.


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