Abandoned Homestead Site in The Green Swamp (Part One)

Over the years I have explored many areas of The Green Swamp Preserve located in central, Florida. It is a scenic and vast place that spans 4 counties so there is a lot to explore. The area is rich in history as well so I enjoy learning about and tracking down of that kind ofContinue reading “Abandoned Homestead Site in The Green Swamp (Part One)”

Jeremiah Milton Brewer Gravesite in Ocala National Forest

This is an interesting gravesite I found in Ocala National Forest, a man name Jeremiah M. Brewer is buried here. He lived from 1844 to 1877, some of the history I found on him describes him serving in the Civil War as a Union Soldier. I find it interesting that there are both Confederate andContinue reading “Jeremiah Milton Brewer Gravesite in Ocala National Forest”

Exploring The Ghost Town of “Acron” in Lake County

After learning about the ghost town of “Acron” in Lake County I went out to the area to try to find the townsite and see what could possibly remain. According to some maps I found that the location is just north of Paisley in the Ocala National Forest area. It was challenging trying to narrowContinue reading “Exploring The Ghost Town of “Acron” in Lake County”