Update from Off The Beaten Path

Hi I hope that everyone is doing well! I wanted to check in with an update here since I haven’t posted in awhile. I have been keeping busy with exploring and making videos for my YouTube channel “Florida Trailblazer”. I hope that you have been enjoying the places I have been sharing about, stay tunedContinue reading “Update from Off The Beaten Path”

“Florida Trailblazer” Featured in Lutz, Land O’ Lakes and Wesley Chapel Magazines in Pasco County, Florida

I am honored and extremely grateful to be featured in the September 2019 issues of Wesley Chapel, Lutz and Land O’ Lakes Magazines distributed in Pasco County, Florida. Pasco County is a local stomping ground for me where there are many wilderness areas and historical sites to see and learn about. So over the yearsContinue reading ““Florida Trailblazer” Featured in Lutz, Land O’ Lakes and Wesley Chapel Magazines in Pasco County, Florida”

Old Homestead Site in Goethe State Forest

On this adventure I explored an old homestead site that is now part of Goethe State Forest located in Levy County. There is a lot of history here along with a scenic wilderness so I always enjoy visiting. I’ve seen everything from railroad, ranching and turpentine history here. So it seems like there is anContinue reading “Old Homestead Site in Goethe State Forest”

Abandoned Homestead Site in The Green Swamp (Part One)

Over the years I have explored many areas of The Green Swamp Preserve located in central, Florida. It is a scenic and vast place that spans 4 counties so there is a lot to explore. The area is rich in history as well so I enjoy learning about and tracking down of that kind ofContinue reading “Abandoned Homestead Site in The Green Swamp (Part One)”

Florida Trailblazer Podcast (Episode 1)

I have been working on lots of new projects for Florida Trailblazer and one of them involves a podcast. It is something I actually had in mind to do for a long while now but it wasn’t until recently that I began putting it together. It is still a work in progress and will evolveContinue reading “Florida Trailblazer Podcast (Episode 1)”