Ancient Cypress Trees at Spring Hammock Preserve


Ancient Cypress

Long ago Florida was covered with ancient and giant cypress trees dating back thousands of years. Cypress has natural built in preservatives or oils that make cypress long lasting and resistant to water and insect damage. So these trees can stand the test of time, which is also what makes them so valuable. In just a matter of a hundred years or more many of these ancient trees were cut down by the logging industry.

Luckily some of these trees still remain and can be seen throughout the state, though not nearly as what there once was. Some of the oldest and largest cypress trees I have seen  in central Florida at Spring Hammock Preserve. Exploring around in the swamps there I came across some giants, one of them may be around 2,000 years old. As I roamed throughout the wilderness I was amazed to see some of them still standing after all this time. It is a great experience to see and touch them, I imagined how many others over the years have stood in the same place I was and admiring them.

Just across the way from the preserve in Big Tree Park used to be another cypress tree known as The Senator. It was the biggest and oldest bald cypress tree in the world at 3,500 years old. Sadly it burnt down several years ago…

It was a great adventure finding these beautiful trees in the swamps here and I am glad that we still have them to appreciate. Hopefully they will remain for many more years to come.

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Ancient Cypress at Spring Hammock Preserve

Old Cypress Trees at Spring Hammock Preserve


Spring Hammock Preserve

Old Cypress Tree in The Green Swamp


Old Cypress

This is an old Cypress Tree I saw while exploring in this area of The Green Swamp close to the Withlacoochee River. I am not sure how old this is but it seems to have been here for a very long time. The inside of the tree is hollowed out and I was able to crawl inside and stand up for an interesting perspective. Why is it hollowed out? Well, the outer part of the tree is compromised, and the heart wood rots upward from the water level. If you notice the darker shading around the base of the tree that is where the water levels get up to in this part of the swamp.

This wilderness used to have a lot of these ancient trees and they were much larger and older than this one. Over a hundred a years ago many of them were cut down during the logging boom. I was fortunate to see this one still standing, but who knows how many more could be out there. Many of these old Cypress Trees were left by loggers cause they were determined not to be of any value.

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Old Cypress Tree in The Green Swamp


Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve