“Etna” Ghost Town in Withlacoochee State Forest

Barrel Ring & Brick

Etna Turpentine Camp

In the Withlacoochee State Forest I found an old ghost town called “Etna”. It was a turpentine camp from 1898 to 1915 and it has long since vanished. When I arrived at the site the area was heavily wooded with many overgrown trails. I imagine these trails were once old roads for the town.

I explored around the site extensively finding scattered remains. Some bricks, Herty cups and other evidence from turpentine activity. During it’s peak the town had 50 buildings and a population of around 200 people.

I learned that the site was initially discovered back in the early 1990’s when they surveyed the area for a pipeline. Many of the local historians didn’t know of the site either at the time of it’s discovery. Now that the site is known we now have a window into the past.

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4 thoughts on ““Etna” Ghost Town in Withlacoochee State Forest

  1. Can you give me directions to hike into the area of Etna Turpentine Historial area. I live in Citrus County, but have not been able to find a trail to lead to that area. There are several of us ladies who live in Sugarmill Woods and hike the Withlacoochee Forest and would really like to see this site. Thanks you.


  2. It’s kind of hard to believe that there’s not more information (history) available on the residents of this settlement or who owned or worked the business,and or what happened to the residents or why was the camp abandoned, it’s like an Alfred Hitchcock ending,A mystery at the end of this historic discovery. (I’d love to know more)


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