Alto Cemetery in Half Moon Wildlife Management Area

This old cemetery is located at Half Moon Wildlife Management Area in Sumter County. Known as Alto Cemetery it was part of a lost town called Alto in the late 1800’s. The people buried here were early settlers in the area. They raised horses and cattle and cultivated food crops such as peanuts, corn, sugarcane, oats, sweet potatoes and peas.

I learned that some of the roads are named for families who homesteaded here, such as Old Oxford Road in 1888 and Alto Landing which was a ferry boat crossing along the Withlacoochee River at that time.

My explorations around this wilderness has lead me to some intriguing history such as this cemetery. I enjoy visiting this place it so peaceful. I have been learning about the history here as much as possible. Finding records on this town has been challenging and is like so many other Florida ghost towns that seemed to have been lost in time. Thankfully today the cemetery still remains and the people here will always be a reminder of the history.

My Video

Exploring Alto Cemetery in Half Moon Wildlife Management Area 


Half Moon WMA History

Half Moon WMA

Burial Records


3 thoughts on “Alto Cemetery in Half Moon Wildlife Management Area

  1. This is very exciting what you do! I watch your videos. The one that really intrigued me was Shilo cemetery in Citrus County, Fl. For years I have been trying to find out about my grandfather the only record I have been able to locate about him is the 1930 census. I remember my aunt telling me about her younger days living off 581 in Inverness, fl. Some sort of mill. When I saw your video I wondered if he may be hurried there. How do I find this place? His name was Ponto Chester there are no records of his burial. I would LOVE to go on expeditions with you!!! Thank you, a follower Nichole


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