Category: Old and Abandoned Cemeteries

Indian Lake Cemetery at Indian Lake State Forest

A very scenic place to explore in Marion County is Indian Lake State Forest. I began hiking there a few years ago and have also enjoyed learning about the history of the area as well. I visited an old cemetery out there known as… Continue Reading “Indian Lake Cemetery at Indian Lake State Forest”

Oriole Ghost Town in Withlacoochee State Forest

There was an old town called Oriole located in Hernando County back in the late 1800’s. Today the site is a ghost town and part of the Withlacoochee State Forest, the area has always intrigued me. I have been exploring the site for years… Continue Reading “Oriole Ghost Town in Withlacoochee State Forest”

Alto Cemetery in Half Moon Wildlife Management Area

This old cemetery is located at Half Moon Wildlife Management Area in Sumter County. Known as Alto Cemetery it was part of a lost town called Alto in the late 1800’s. The people buried here were early settlers in the area. They raised horses and cattle… Continue Reading “Alto Cemetery in Half Moon Wildlife Management Area”

Dunn Cemetery in Jennings State Forest

Jennings State Forest is located in Clay County and is a great place to enjoy nature and experience some history as well. Going back to the 1800’s many families had homesteads out here, farms and schools dotted the landscape as well. Turpentine was one of… Continue Reading “Dunn Cemetery in Jennings State Forest”

Mount Carmel Church and Cemetery in Pasco County

Located in the old community of Ehren in Pasco County is a historical site known as the Mount Carmel Church and Cemetery. The Mount Carmel African methodist Episcopal Church was a wooden structure and the cemetery was nearby. One of the early pastors was Reverend… Continue Reading “Mount Carmel Church and Cemetery in Pasco County”

Stroud Cemetery in Twin Rivers State Forest

While exploring in Twin Rivers State Forest located in Madison County, I found this old cemetery that dates back to the late 1800’s. The cemetery is known as The Stroud Cemetery and there are seventeen listed burials here. So far the information I have learned is… Continue Reading “Stroud Cemetery in Twin Rivers State Forest”

Holder Cemetery in Citrus County

This is an old cemetery I found in an interesting location, it is called Holder Cemetery. Located at the intersection of County Road 491 and U.S. Route 41 in Citrus County. This is also the location of the small community known as Holder. The cemetery… Continue Reading “Holder Cemetery in Citrus County”

Smith Gravesite in Dixie County

Near Horseshoe Beach in Dixie County located by Jenna Wildlife Management Area is a lone Confederate Soldier gravesite. Henry M. Smith is buried here and he lived from 1840-1892. There is a dirt road that leads you back to the cemetery where there is a large clearing… Continue Reading “Smith Gravesite in Dixie County”