Centralia Ghost Town in Hernando County

Located in Hernando County was once the boom town of Centralia during the early 1900’s. The town was mainly based around the logging industry and had one of the largest sawmills in the south at the time. Many towns were established from the logging and turpentine industries which were very big during this time. ThisContinue reading “Centralia Ghost Town in Hernando County”

Radar Hill in Citrus County

There is a place off the beaten path in Withlacoochee State Forest known to many locals as “Radar Hill” and when I first learned of that name I wanted to find out more about the history behind it. I have hiked around the area and this part of the forest reminds me of a scenicContinue reading “Radar Hill in Citrus County”

Old State Route 5 Bridge at Chinsegut Preserve

There are some nice trails and interesting history at Chinsegut Preserve located in Hernando County.  One of the interesting layers of history in this area is that one of the hiking trails used to be a main route through this section of the county. It was known as State Route 5 and dates back toContinue reading “Old State Route 5 Bridge at Chinsegut Preserve”

Roadside History: Abandoned Highway 90 Bridge on The Suwannee River

One of my favorite places to explore in Florida is along the Suwannee River with many wilderness areas and historical sites to experience there. The area just has that “old Florida” feel to it. On this visit I went to check out an abandoned bridge that crosses over the river. It was part of theContinue reading “Roadside History: Abandoned Highway 90 Bridge on The Suwannee River”

Old Windmill at Charles H. Bronson State Forest

One of my favorite places to roam in Florida is at Charles H. Bronson State Forest. I always get that “old Florida” feel when I am exploring there.  The area was once used for ranching and some of that history can still be seen throughout the area. It is a large forest with many trails, woodedContinue reading “Old Windmill at Charles H. Bronson State Forest”

Mound History on The St. Johns River (Indian Field Grove)

I have been exploring some Native American Indian Mounds along the St. Johns River, most of them have been Shell Midden Mounds. The journey has been great and I continue to be amazed at some of the history that I am learning. The Timucuan Indians inhabited the areas going back at least 500 years, but natives longContinue reading “Mound History on The St. Johns River (Indian Field Grove)”

Oriole Ghost Town in Withlacoochee State Forest

There was an old town called Oriole located in Hernando County back in the late 1800’s. Today the site is a ghost town and part of the Withlacoochee State Forest, the area has always intrigued me. I have been exploring the site for years now documenting what I can. Initially when I found the areaContinue reading “Oriole Ghost Town in Withlacoochee State Forest”

Roadside History: Historic Dupree Gardens in Pasco County

Near the old community of Ehren in Pasco County was a thriving park during the 1940’s known as Dupree Gardens. It was developed by J. William Dupree who was an Attorney. After sustaining an accident and not being able to continue on in his profession he developed the gardens and opened them to the public.Continue reading “Roadside History: Historic Dupree Gardens in Pasco County”

Roadside History: WWII Brooksfield Army Airfield Bunker in Hernando County

When driving by Hernando County Airport in Brooksville you may have never known that it was once the site of the Brooksville Army Airfield during World War II. In 1942 the 1st Bomb Squardron arrived and the 9th Bombardment Group trained on B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberators. Designated an auxiliary base to Drew Field inContinue reading “Roadside History: WWII Brooksfield Army Airfield Bunker in Hernando County”

The Hampton Springs Hotel Site in Taylor County

Just outside of Perry is the old Hampton Springs Hotel Site. The history I learned about on this place is that an early Taylor County settler whose wife suffered from rheumatism, was directed by an Indian to these springs. When the water eased her pain and stiffness, Hampton obtained a government grant to the springContinue reading “The Hampton Springs Hotel Site in Taylor County”