Roadside History: Ghost Town of Green Pond (Old Grove Barn)

In Polk County is the old community of Green Pond. The community began back in 1879 with The Green Pond Baptist church being founded there in 1890. The old church is gone and many of the old buildings but one of them still remains. This structure was once the grove barn for the nearby citrus Grove. IContinue reading “Roadside History: Ghost Town of Green Pond (Old Grove Barn)”

Exploring The Ghost Town of “Acron” in Lake County

After learning about the ghost town of “Acron” in Lake County I went out to the area to try to find the townsite and see what could possibly remain. According to some maps I found that the location is just north of Paisley in the Ocala National Forest area. It was challenging trying to narrowContinue reading “Exploring The Ghost Town of “Acron” in Lake County”

The Ghost Town of Sturkey in The Green Swamp

In an area of The Green Swamp I found this site while I was searching for a ghost town known as “Sturkey”. You can see the town still shown on some maps. So I made it an adventure to go and try find it, the site can be found by an old railroad grade inContinue reading “The Ghost Town of Sturkey in The Green Swamp”

Abandoned Plane Crash Site in Marion County

This aircraft vanished in April of 2014 when the pilot, Theodore Weiss was last seen taking off from Dunnellon Airport. He never arrived at his destination in Zephyrhills. Officials searched for the plane for months for in the Withlacoochee State Forest where they thought it had crashed. It wasn’t found until several months later by a hiker inContinue reading “Abandoned Plane Crash Site in Marion County”

“Etna” Ghost Town in Withlacoochee State Forest

In the Withlacoochee State Forest I found an old ghost town called “Etna”. It was a turpentine camp from 1898 to 1915 and it has long since vanished. When I arrived at the site the area was heavily wooded with many overgrown trails. I imagine these trails were once old roads for the town. I explored around theContinue reading ““Etna” Ghost Town in Withlacoochee State Forest”