Old Homestead Site in Goethe State Forest

On this adventure I explored an old homestead site that is now part of Goethe State Forest located in Levy County. There is a lot of history here along with a scenic wilderness so I always enjoy visiting. I’ve seen everything from railroad, ranching and turpentine history here. So it seems like there is anContinue reading “Old Homestead Site in Goethe State Forest”

The Goethe Giant at Goethe State Forest

One of my favorite areas at Goethe State Forest is where an old cypress tree still stands known as Goethe Giant. There is a trail and boardwalk that leads you to this majestic tree that is estimated to be over 900 years old. During the 1800’s and early 1900’s many of these cypress trees wereContinue reading “The Goethe Giant at Goethe State Forest”

Video Diary: Champion Oak Tree at Devils Hammock Wildlife Management Area

I explored this area recently known as Devils Hammock Wildlife Management Area located in Levy County. I had been here several years ago but never got the chance to really look around like I wanted to. So I took my video camera and geared up for a hike in this preserve to check it outContinue reading “Video Diary: Champion Oak Tree at Devils Hammock Wildlife Management Area”

Turpentine History at Goethe State Forest

Over the years I have been exploring the woods of Goethe State Forest located in Levy County. There is a rich history here along with a scenic wilderness to roam. I always seem to find something new there when I visit, everything from old homestead sites, to railroad history and even an old gravesite. RecentlyContinue reading “Turpentine History at Goethe State Forest”

Lone Gravesite at Andrews Wildlife Management Area

I have always enjoyed the scenic wilderness along this part of the Suwannee River at Andrews Wildlife Management Area. There are many trails and recreational opportunities here.┬áSome of the history includes logging and agricultural uses going back to the 1800’s,┬áthe land was purchased by the Andrews family in 1945, they managed the land for outdoorContinue reading “Lone Gravesite at Andrews Wildlife Management Area”

Video Diary: Hike to Bailey Mine in Levy County

This is a video I put together from an area known as the Watermelon Pond Tract in Levy County. It is actually a section of Goethe State Forest but just not connected to the main part. There is a trailhead that can be found near the town of Archer known as Bailey Mine Trailhead. IfContinue reading “Video Diary: Hike to Bailey Mine in Levy County”

Roadside History: The Patterson-McInnis Steam Locomotive

This is part of a series of posts known as “Roadside History”. These posts will feature historical sites you can find along various roadways around Florida while on your travels. Near Gulf Hammock in Levy County on US Hwy 19 / US 98 on the western side of the road you can see this relicContinue reading “Roadside History: The Patterson-McInnis Steam Locomotive”