Roadside History: The Patterson-McInnis Steam Locomotive

Patterson-McInnis Train

Patterson-McInnis Train

This is part of a series of posts known as “Roadside History”. These posts will feature historical sites you can find along various roadways around Florida while on your travels.

Near Gulf Hammock in Levy County on US Hwy 19 / US 98 on the western side of the road you can see this relic of history. It is an old steam locomotive known as the Patterson-McInnis Steam Locomotive. It was built in the early 1900’s to haul logs from the area woodlands to the sawmill. It often pulled 40 cars and was retired from service around WWII. The engine was donated to Levy County in 1969 by the Patterson-McInnis lumber company.

Today it is restored and on display, there is a historical marker by it describing the history. “This locomotive, known locally as “Three Spot”, often pulled 30 to 40 cars as it transported logs from area woodlands to the Patterson-McInnis Sawmill. Originally a wood burning engine thought to be built around 1915, it was converted to steam during its service, which ended about World War II. The locomotive was donated to Levy County by the Paterson-McInnis Lumber Company in 1969 and maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation in the Gulf Hammock Wayside Park.”

Here are the directions to the site be sure to check it out sometime and experience some roadside history!

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Patterson-McInnis Steam Train


Patterson-McInnis Train Marker

Patterson-McInnis Locomotive early 1900's

Patterson-McInnis Locomotive early 1900’s

Patterson-McInnis Steam Locomotive 2015

Patterson-McInnis Steam Locomotive 2015

Patterson-McInnis Steam Locomotive 2015

Patterson-McInnis Steam Locomotive 2015

Dedication Marker

Dedication Marker

2 thoughts on “Roadside History: The Patterson-McInnis Steam Locomotive

  1. Here is some more accurate information on “The Three Spot” as it was called during her working life.
    This information is credited to:

    Patterson-McInnis Lumber Company #3, Hammock, FL
    Patterson-McInnis #3 is an oil burning Consolidation type
    (2-8-0) locomotive built in 1915 by the Vulcan Iron Works in Wilkes-Barre, PA, for the Gulf Pine Company. Weighing 71,000 lbs, 63,000 lbs on its 40” drivers, it has 14” x 20” cylinders and operated at a boiler pressure of 190 psi delivering 15,825 lbs tractive effort.

    The Gulf Pine Lumber Company was founded by L. H. Dupont of Poplarville, L. M. Noland of Kola and S. A. Windom also of Kola, FL, to service a mill in Poplarville bought from the bankrupt White Cedar Pile & Pole Company for $18,000. The sawmill was rebuilt and began working again in January 1922. A spur track ran north from the mill for about 2½ miles to a connection with the New Orleans & Northeastern on the south edge of Poplarville.

    Four years later, the company ceased operations and the sawmill, logging railroad and equipment were sold for salvage. #3 went to the Dowling Company and then to the Patterson-McInnis Lumber Co., in Gulf Hammock, FL, who donated it to the City of Gulf Hammock in 1963. It is on display at the Gulf Hammock Wayside Park just off US 19.


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